"Fall Into Reading"


For 25 years, first as a retailer and now as a non-profit manager, BATB President and CEO Mike Thrasher has brought together books and readers.  Building on relationships with numerous public schools and educators in North Texas, BATB has gained keen insight into the needs of the Dallas community.

BATB began giving new books to children in at-risk neighborhoods seven years ago.  By providing students with a brand new book, children who did not have books at home have a new book, which for many has sparked a love for reading.  BATB believes that every child should have books regardless of their family’s income. Stevens Park, Lida Hooe and James Hogg Elementary are all over 80% economically disadvantaged, over 50% English language learners and over 93% Hispanic.

Schools need our help in providing such a valuable resource, a book.  Currently, the libraries at Stevens Park, Lida Hooe and James Hogg Elementary in Dallas, Tx. are severely under-stocked. Many programs, such as RIFT, have been cancelled due to a lack of finances. BATB has determined that giving students one book per month allows younger students to read a book several times when it is new and encourages older students to read a book at their grade level.


African Themed Book List

BATB has created a wish list of AFrican themed books for our Uganda and Kenya libraries.  To access this list type the following link into your browser, https://amzn.com/w/26G7XRUCL4RJR.  This will take you to our wish list.